Quadro & Geforce PCI-Express cards coexist?

I've got an ASUS A8N-SLI Premium motherboard that I'm building up and
was wondering if a Quadro FX 540 will coexist with a Geforce 6800 GT? I
am NOT talking about using SLI, just having two PCi-Express video cards
so I can drive three monitors.
Here's what I'm building:
Lian PC61case
ASUS A8N-SLI Premium
Athlon X2 4400+
2GB (2x1GB) Patriot PDC2G3200LLK memory
OCZ 520ADJSLI 520 Watt power supply
Plextor PX-740A/SW-BL DVD/CD burner
2x74GB Western Digital Raptor HDs
Windows XP Pro 32-bit
PNY Quadro FX 540 w/video breakout box
Geforce 6800 GT???
Another Quadro???
1xDell 2001FP (1600x1400)
2xDell 1704FPV (1280x1024, 1 portrait, 1 landscape)
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