NVIDIA-Quadro Graphic cards with Wildfire - a mess

I bought some new workstations with Quadro 750XGL and FX1100 graphic cards and I have big problems with it. With Proe2001 everything works fine but with Wildfire it is a mess. Spinning and zooming doesn´t work properly (steps), and to open assemblies takes much longer in Wildfire. I have the newest drivers and the right openGL setting for Wildfire. When I set the config.pro option "spin_with_part_entities" to "no" everything is much better, but I need to have this option set to "yes".

Does anybody has any experiance with this cards?

Thanks in advance, Rainer

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I use a Quadro 850 XGL with both Pro/E 2001 and Wildfire. I use the 52.14 build of NVIDIA drivers. With an earlier version of the driver I had some problems with Wildfire crashing during some operations (2001 was always working fine). In the version 52.14 of the NVIDIA driver you can choose to optimize OpenGL settings specifically for Wilfire (I suppose all later builds of this driver have this option as well). After installing this driver and choosing the Wildfire OpenGL optimization I've had no problems with Wildfire whatsoever. R2001, by the way, works just fine, too.

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