Is Quadro FX 500 enough for SolidWorks 2004 ?


Is Quadro FX 500 enough for SolidWorks 2004 ?

Best Regards, J. Jarocki

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I have been using one and know of others in use - not bad at all for the money.


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Wayne Tiffany

You'll have to me much more specific. It depends what you are doing with sw. An integrated intel chipset is "good enough" if you are only doing simple parts/assemblies.

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"Brian" with sw. An integrated intel chipset is "good enough" if you are only

I need a card for Solid Works 2005 and Catia v5r12. We do not-very-big but also not-too-small assemblies (500-1000 parts in an assembly).

We want to use it with two LCD 19 inches displays (DVI connectors). In near future we want to move to SW 2006 and....

We want professional card, but the budget is very limitted (as you see)

Which is better for us ?

nVidia Quadro4 700XGL (64 MB) or Quadro FX 500 (128 MB) ?

Which is newer ? (Quadro 4 or Quadro FX)

Which is more powerful ? Which is more modern ?

Thanks in advance for help !

Best Regards, Jerry J.

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Works fine for me. Injection mold & Casting Die design. SWX 2005 SP3, AMD

64, FX-51, 2 gigs of ram, FX 500, etc, etc.


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Michael Eckstein


I don't know if the FX500 supports dual displays. The 700XGL is kinda old. I have a 750XGL in one of my home computers. It has one digital and one analog output for dual screens. I wasn't very impressed with it as it only supported hardware OpenGL on one of the screens . Also, it's only 4X AGP, but it is faster than a 700.

Right now, you can get a 980XGL on line for about $300.00 US if you look. These cards are 128mb, 8X AGP, with two digital outputs. Full hardware acceleration on both screens. I have one of these on my home workstation, and at work. Very fast and stable.

The newer FX1100 is a bit faster, but not much.

One thing you didn't mention is the kind of machine you're going to put it in. If it has an older 4X AGP motherboard, you won't see maximum performance with any of the newer cards.



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Mark Mossberg

I have an FX500 - It works fine on sw2005 and win2k

I use it with two monitors - two 15" LCDs

I have had no problems with the card or any graphic related problems.

I create designs with 100- 300 parts ( mainly steel sections and extrusions) . My curvy designs are limited to injection mould assemblies and no client of mine can afford the tooling on a product that has more that 4 or 5 mouldings !! ;-)

If your budget cannot stretch to more then it will be a perfectly good card



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Thank You very much for answers !!!

I have decided to buy FX 500.

Best Regards, Jerry Jacobs

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Jerry Jacobs

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