M60 with Quadro FX go 1000 graphics card

I have decided to get a Dell M60 for using with Solidworks, and they have introduced the Quadro FX go 1000 card as an alternative to the FX go 700. Is the FX go 1000 better, is it reliable etc.


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I got an M60 with the "700" in December, and it is wonderful with Solidworks. I don't know of the Advantages of the "1000" (same VRAM).

I doubt anyone has had time to review the "1000", and we can only guess on "reliable", as I haven't heard of it until now. Would guess it would be as reliable as other nVIDIA cards I've had in my Prior Dell for 3 years, which was 100% uptime.


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Bo Clawson

I agree with Bo. The preformance of the M60 with the "700" is compareble to our desktops. Just dont forget the difference between GeForce and Quadro.


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snipped-for-privacy@uk2.net (John) wrote in news: snipped-for-privacy@posting.google.com:

It's better by 300. (sorry)

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Joel Moore

Good hardware and M60 machine gun.

You will be powerful in Delta Force - Task Force Dagger!



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