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I am a solidworks newbie. I cant get it to extrude the lip on the tutorial (the getting started manual.) What I do get is an extended lip on the outer surface, ie an extension of the box part that I am trying to put the lip inside of. It doesnt seem to want to select the section that I have offset, only the lip that its attached to. Also are there any good newbie resources out there for solidworks? Mike

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There are 2 steps to making the lip in the sketch. My guess is you only have one loop and you need two loops.

The first one is created from Convert Entities. Convert Entities extracts the outside edge to the current sketch plane. You should see one loop.

The second curve is utilized with the Offset Entites sketch tool, with the first loop selected, enter the offset value and be certain the offset direction is to the inside.

You know have 2 loops.

These loops become your extruded cut. Make certain the direction of the cut is into the material of the part and not off in space.

Regards, Marie

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