joining components in solidworks 2004

I am fairly new to solidworks, but I do have a lot of experience with Autocad. This may actually be a bad thing since I am trying to relate a lot of autocad commands to solidworks.

I am working on a project that requires me to connect a 1" square tube to a 2" round tube at a 45deg angle. I have created both parts, and already installed them into my assembly. I can not figure out how to combine these two parts so the square tubing is notched to fit around the round tube. As it stands now, the square tubing is attached to the round tubing, but it still has a section that is inside the round tube. I want to trim this small portion of the square tubing away.

Is there a command that will let me select two componets from an assembly and trim away the overlapping section of one of the components?


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Terry Gastouniotis
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One way you can do this is to create an incontext sketch. First right click on the part you want to cut select "Edit Part" from the list. Now create a sketch that would represent the contour of the other Tube. (If you add constraints to the tube, later if the size of the tube changes so does the size of your cut) Hit "Cut Extrude" and cut the section away from your part. Right click anywhere on your screene and select "Edit Assembly: SomeAssembly" and now your part is cut in context of this assembly.

Regards Corey Scheich

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Corey Scheich


There are many ways to do this. A simple one would be the Cavity Feature. Use the round tube to cut the square tube.



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