Anyone have problems with quadro FX 1000

I have WinXP Pro and this quadro FX 1000 running wildfire.

When I rotate the model I get what I would call artifacts. Or extra objects on the screen.

They look like spears shooting off geometry

Sometimes they get so bad that it causes wildfire to quit.

Anyone else have this?

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I have one, and have had no problems

Most of my models are not very complex however.

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Robert Salasidis

Our group has this card totalling about 8 people. We have not seen this issue, but I would suggest getting the latest drivers from nVidia. We are on 53.03 Forceware WHQL drivers, optimized for Wildfire. We also have Vertical Refresh set to "No by Default". Hope this helps.


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I downloaded the latest drivers from Dell.

The problem has seem to gone away.

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