Deas anyone else have this problem? or can help me?

I have logitech cordless mouse and keyboard set up for my laptop, when using
autocad I can be happily working for hours then all of a sudden the lights
go out on the receiver unit for the mouse and keyboard so I get no use of
either then within 10 seconds my whole system crashes (I usually notice this
quite quickly so have time to save on autocad using the laptop keyboard,
which still works), I get a blue dos screen with loads of white text on but
its only there for a second then it restarts my computer, so I can't read
what the text screen says. I always use the keyboard and mouse and only have
this problem when using autocad. I have the latest drivers for the keyboard
and mouse and because this problem is only when using autocad logitech can't
help me, they have never heard of this problem.
my system is p4 2.5Ghz, 1GB Ram, 64MB graphics, running windows xp pro, this
problem happens on both autocad r14 and 2004.
any help would be greatly appreciated,
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Check the event logs for problems. Something my be getting written there since you seem to be getting symptoms prior to the crash.
Try disabling suspend and shut down. I've had problems with this working correctly on even new laptops with XP.
Check the device manager for possible conflicting hardware.
Get a memory scanner (memtest86) and scan your ram. Usually the computer fails somewhere during the boot and OS load with bad memory, but you never know...
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