Scroll wheel function

According to AutoCad manuals the scroll wheel should be operating as
zoom control, but mine works as it does in other programs, the screen
is scrolling up and down. How do I set this function?
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About 70% of wireless mice has Autocad scroll problem. Any wired mice (I met) are OK...
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I have Logitech wireless mouse and keyboard. I checked my settings in the Logitech command and my middle button is set for "other" rather than scroll. It still scrolls in word processing and spreadsheet programs but zooms in AutoCad. Also in AC I have the "mbuttonpan" set at "0" so I get the OSnap menu when I click the scroll wheel. Hope this helps. wrote:
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Janice G
With Autocad 2002 and earlier this happens under windows 98.
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You could try deleting your mouse driver. It worked for me when I had the same problem with my mouse - although it meant I had to forego some of my mouse's other functions, things I was never going to use anyway.
Warning: Before attempting this step, make sure know where your reinstallation software is - just in case, and try to gain some competency at navigating your way round your computer without using the mouse!
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strawberry wrote in news:1164286410.931617.157660
If you're using Win98 (and possibly later,) try holding down the control key as you roll the scroll wheel
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