Launch an Excel Spreadsheet from AutoCad?

I've a client who wants to (if possible) be able to launch Excel spreadsheets
from AutoCad.
No I know that:
1) You can do an OLE link to Excel cells into AutoCAD...
2) Launch a web page file from a Hyperlinked object
But can you launch a spreadsheet file from something like a Hyperlink object?
The idea is that we have a drawing with lots of info on it... the User drills
down to some of the info (basically zooms in closer to s/he can read it). And
clicks on something like a block (or text) and UP pops the spreadsheet with
lots of applicable data and info on that object.
I'm sure I'm not the first to want to do something like this... so I'd
appreciate any input and thoughts on the matter (a solution would be even
better ).
Thanks in advance!
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Mr. B
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Start the hyperlink command, select the object(s), now choose "File" in the Insert Hyperlink dialog box and choose the spreadsheet. After done this you can follow the linked spreadsheed with Ctrl + click.
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Jürgen Palme
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Mr. B wrote:
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Well DUH on my part!!! I didn't realize that you could select any file... just thought it was HTM type files only.
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Mr. B

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