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I'm trying to insert (link, insert, xref....whatever) an Excel file (window/door/room finish schedules) into AutoCAD r14. I can get it to sort of work. Problem is that not all the rows and columns are showing up (there's ~16 columns and ~50 rows - what I'm getting is only ~10 of each to show up in AutoCAD). I know I'm doing something wrong but I don't know what. FWIW, it'd be nice if the AutoCAD link would update if the Excel file is modified but it's not critical (rarely do I change things later, and I could always just reinsert if need be).

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Michael (LS)

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Michael (LS)
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This is an OS caused limitation and is fixed in ACAD 2004 under WIN XP. In Rel. 14 you can try smaller lines and smaller columns in your Excel sheet.


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Jürgen Palme

Take a look at one of these alternatives:

formatting link

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Terry W. Dotson

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