Having a problem when pasting Excel into drawing

I have a spreadsheet set up to calculate the amount of roof runoff to
determine the number 1000 gal. drywells would be needed on a site. I paste
it into paperspace w/o a permanent link as a spreadsheet object below the
drywell detail. It works fine this way letting me click on it and edit the
text. However, when I tried to pre-insert the spreadsheet into a templet,
it is unselectable and thus uneditable in the new drawing. I can't even
get rid of it. Does anyone know what causes this and if there's a remedy?
I also paste Soil logs from MS Word and do not have the same problem.
BTW, I'm also doing a survey of Autocad users who use MS Office. No private
questions are asked
Here's the link:
formatting link
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