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I am converting Cadkey drawings to Solidworks. I have so far been able to get Cadkey to export into a .dxf that Solidworks can use. When I import into Solidworks though, all of the crazy colors of Cadkey comes along with it. Right now every entity is some color and I would much prefer black. The edit color option is not available so right now I have no means with which to turn off the painful yellows and reds. Thanks for any help.

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Look on the lien format toolbar. There is a button for "color display mode". Toggling it may fix your issues.

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BEFORE you export the Cadkey wireframe data via DXF why not change all the entities to black?

The line format color change menu can be used in SolidWorks to alter selected entities; however, I think you'll find it faster to convert to black in Cadkey...

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Solidworks comes with the DWG editor program (A version of IntelliCAD). You can open your DXF file there, and make the changes in one operation. Just select everything, and use the properties to change to bylayer or color 7 (black/white)

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