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It would seem so. I noticed the "SolidWorks DXF3D" add-in but apparently that's only for reading 3D DXF files.

Do you any other applications that can output 3D DXF? Maybe you could output from SW using an intermediate format (like IGES) that can be read into this other program.

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Joel Moore
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Unfortunately there is no way for solidworks to do this directly. I have pursued this as well and even asked for an enhancement request, but to no avail. Apparently solidworks presumes nobody needs 3D DXF wireframe, and those who do must simply workign with the darkside. Some of our vendors could do a better job if they had wireframe DXF, but this not available. Usually its the old "export using iges wireframe and then read it into cadkey 1994 for dos 3.11 and then . . . blah blah blah"

I could use this functionality too.

Viva La Causa!



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Sean-Michael Adams

I have done this using autocad. Export to ACIS(.sat) then in Autocad use ACISIN and import that file then you can export .dxf from there. At this point you have solids in .dxf. This way you would only need AutoCAD possibly AutoCAD LT. Perhaps you could import ACIS directly into the program you need?? Good luck.

Corey Scheich

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Corey Scheich

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