3d buell part files

I'm looking for 3d parts from Buell motorcycles. Especially X1 Lighting
parts from 2000
Can anybody give me some parts or some links to parts?
I'm trying to build my bike in SW.
I know the bike was designed with SW, so there must be some parts somewhere.
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G. Hagen
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I am sure the origionals are proprietary good luck though.
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Are you sure ??
I thought it was designed in Pro-E (H.D. Standard) and Think 3.
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The X1 lightning parts were created with Pro/E. I know, i did the mold for the X1's airbox. I too am looking for some models for some Buell models. Specificly the S3's fairing and saddlebags. Good luck, those models may be tough to get.
The newer Buell parts(the XB series) were designed in Think3.
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Steve Mackay
I saw my reseller of SW had some pictures of the X1 in his computer. That was the reason I thought the bike was designed with SW. Doesn't matter.
The airbox you worked on is the part the most people in Holland remove when the buy a X1. I'm sorry to tell you.
Are you a Buell driver?
"Steve Mackay" schreef in bericht news: snipped-for-privacy@hotmail.com...
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G. Hagen
G.Hagen, did you realise that you sent me a reply concerning your recent post here, rather than using 'reply group'? Perhaps you could post your SW details here so people can help you if it is still reqd. regards, neil
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Your reseller had an imported assembly then. The only parts I've ever gotten from Buell, and I've had quite a few, since I live/work 20 minutes from the Buell factory, is ProE and Think3.
Don't be sorry, I don't care. I got paid for it :)
Umm, yeah, you could say that. Here's my collection
formatting link
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Steve Mackay

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