DXF files and Part Copy Questions

I have two different questions.
The first one deals with DXF files. Some of the designs I have been
working with come from Corel draw. The problem I have is that
Solidworks comes to a grind. The other issue is trying to find opens
and duplicate lines and some other errors. Where can I find
information about how to deal with files like these. It's a pain
trying to make parts out of these files.
The second question deals with a reverse engineering of a part. I
have some parts which I need to put into the library but it is
difficult due to the arcs and corners (not complex at all). I tried
scanning these parts on a fax/copier and I tried drawing an outline
and scanning that. Does anyone have a suggestions I could try? I
don't have access to a touch probe or a 3D scanner.
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There are some tools in the 2D-3D toolbar for cleaning up some of this.
You can select and delete sketch line until they disappear. That is when you know you've gotten the last one. Then undo.
SW hates line art with thousands of lines. In such cases I use DWG editor to simplify or pare down parts before bringing them in. Get rid of all text, hatching, dimensions, title block, etc. in DWG Editor.
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