3D scan reworked in AC ?

Hello all,
Some year ago I did a 3D scan from an object (about 80 cm)
Question is, is there a possibility to rework this in autocad ? The file is
in txt format with all x,y,z coordinates. As the scan was done in 3 parts,
they are not nice fitted. I have were low experience with autocad but a want
to change a bit the model (it's a rc model V-boot) and create afterwards the
drawings (slices) from it on paper. Maybe this is more a question for a
onther software, but as I can't work with other software, I prefere to keep
it in AC. If there is also a possibilty to export it to some popular 3D
viewing format, it would be nice. Some one wants to give it a try ? I can
mail you the file if you want to.
Thanks for any reply.
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Annelies COLMAN
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HiHo; Send me the coordinates and I will put them into a .dwg for you as points. It would be nice to seperate the 3 different set's into 3 .dwg's.
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I think I can do this for you (changing a 3d-scan to a surface or SOLID-model) within AutoCAD using some of my LISPs. Send me the sample to scj.schulz(at)t-online.de Regards Jochen
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