Help with old CalComp 1043GT plotter

Hello everyone!
I'd like to use my plotter on a WinXP Pro system with ACad 2004.
Until now I used it on an Apple Macintosh, but I'd like to use it at home,
on Windows.
I found on another post a possible configuration:
RS-232 (25 pin to 9 pin) cable connecting COM port with "DTE Host" port on
the plotter.
Dip Switch Settings: 2, 4, 5, are set to 1 (or on) all others are off
The label on my ROMpack reads:
" 104x 24IPS 11052 REV.3.03 CALCOMP "
This for the "hardware part".
For the "software part":
a) which driver should I install?
b) after I've installed the driver(s), should I setup the plotter port to
have the same setting of the COM port on my pc? (baud rate, parity, etc)?
c) to plot a dwg I just try to "print" it and select plotter instead of my
default printer?
thank in advance for your aswers.
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Take a look at Winline plotter drivers.
formatting link
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Bob Morrison

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