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Hi all, I have an old but useful "mutoh" pen plotter that has blown it's power supply, complicated six different outputs switch mode thing. Any friendly Mutoh/OKI service engineers or manuals out there ? Thanks, Mark

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Don't know about Mutoh, but pen plotters are getting pretty thin on the ground.

We have an A0 size Oce and an HP 7475 (A3/A4) and are buying pens up all over the place as Pentel are stopping production of their ceramic CXP pens, and OCE stopped supplying pen plotter stuff some years ago. HP stuff isn't too bad, but as Pentel made a lot of pens for other manufacturers, the situation is not good.

There are a couple of newsgroups for CAD, and ebay does have a fairly busy number of auctions for the older stuff.


-- Peter & Rita Forbes Engine pages for preservation info:

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Peter A Forbes

Yes I know, my pens have been recycled loads of times, but no way can i afford an A 0 inkjet plotter !. This is all my own fault for not keeping the thing in a properly dry environment. Condensation has rotted some capacitors & even though I've replaced the obvious failures it won't work. Actually my last message on this NG was about a rusty chuck due to condensation, must get some more insulation & poss a dehumidifier !

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Mark If you get really stuck I may be able to help, I'm an EE by trade and have debugged many SMPSs in the past and I owe you a favour. Martin.

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Martin Whybrow

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