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Hello All, Can anybody give some information on how to set up a plotter by CalComp on AutoCAD 2002? The plotter is a TechJet 720c 5624. I have drivers for Windows

2000 Pro but when I try to plot to this machine I get a "plot clipped" error on the plotter. What I'm being told is the plotter and ACAD2002 aren't in alignment. The description I was given is that AutoCAD is trying to print off the paper, and obviously that's not possible. Now the twist, I can plot perfectly with ACAD r14.

Any Ideas?

Thanks Brian

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Get a new plotter.

In my last fulltime job, we had a TechJet (can't remember the model number), it broke down and never got it working again, called tech jet and everything, Bought all the parts they said were broken...

just my 2 cent,

by the way, I am at school right now and our Textiles program is looking for a large format printer/plotter (36" wide by anything) that will print acetate, vellum or acetate/vellum mixes. Used would be preferred, but mostly I am looking for information.



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