CalComp DrawingMaster plotters

Hello guys,
I have seen somebody mentioning CalComp plotters here on the forum. Our
client has Calcomp DrawingMaster 52224 plotter, but it doesn't seem to plot
correctly from SolidWorks. From some other applications the plot quality is
excellent, but from SolidWorks the quality is rather poor (fuzzy graphics
and weird, horizontal dim stripes accross the paper). Do you know where I
could find latest (hopefully working) drivers for the plotter? Are there
some specific settings in the driver which should be set? I believe there is
nothing wrong with the plotter itself, since it can plot in high quality
from certain applications.
Any pieces of advice are appreciated!
Kind regards,
Heikki Leivo
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Heikki Leivo
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try driver guide they have TONS of drivers!
formatting link
on: driver pass: all it's the same for everybody I thought I'd save you some time registering
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