A0 Plotters

Hi, I'm soon going to have to replace my aging Novajet 2 plotter, what
A0 plotters are everyone currently using, what's good/bad out there at
the moment?
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Although I can't recommend any specific plotter, I do have a suggestion. We recently looked at purchasing a new one (unfortunately our pen plotter resurected itsself, so one was not acquired). I found out through a repair shop that HP ( and others ) typically use two different print heads in their designs. One for the el-cheapo plotter, and one for their mid/high range ones. The difference being the amount of ink applied per given sheet to achieve the same results. In some cases, lasting 5x as many plots. Paying a few hundred more for a plotter with a better ink deposition rate may pay for itsself in a month or two depending on plot frequency.
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