Indexable countersinks for deburring 2" EMT?

Indexable countersinks. Are they worth while for very large diameters where Weldon / MA Ford 'hole' style countersinks are un available or cost prohibitive? Found a set on Ebay that goes up to 2 1/2" for $60. Well within my budget and would go three times that for something that does inside and out at the same time.

2" EMT is 2.067 ID so a 2" countersink is probably not going to work. They make neat little tools that de-burr inside and out for 1/2" - 1" conduit but I can not find a similar tool for 2". Cutting these with a chop saw so the burs are a bit heavy for swivel deburrers. A decent cold saw is out of my budget at the moment:-(

Making several hundred parts at a time once or twice a year so I'm looking for a permanent solution to speed this up. Currently sanding the burrs, disk on the OD and a sanding roll on the ID.

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William Bagwell
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