Minimum bend radius for 1/2" EMT?

I'd like to fabricate frameworks for some stands from 1/2" EMT/conduit and
I'd like to know how tight of a bend can be accomplished with a shop-made
I have benders for doing the electrical conduit wiring bends, but I'd prefer
to be able to make 90 degree bends that aren't as wide. The applications
would be portable fan or lamp stands, and closer bends mean that the stand
can be more compact. I think a closer bend might also be a bit stiffer.
I'm contemplating making a round die with a half-round groove around it, and
using it with a smaller rotating die with the same profile.
There are numerous manual tubing benders that use this same method.
Would a ram & die-type bender be able to form a smaller radius than a manual
tubing bender style?
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Wild Bill
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I would look around at similar products to see what succeeds in the marketplace. Wal-Mart is a great engineering resource.
1/2 EMT is what, $2.50 per 10 ft? Experiment.
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Richard J Kinch
Hello Men. About that 1/2" conduit and the bending and such..... I use that on a project of mine ( well really, the project has been on the shelf for a few years) I think that my bends had a 2" radius to them. Truth is my project is still online here at
formatting link
Look at the nice seat design.
Feel free to contact if you need any more info on the bending..
Truly, Dean Rettger
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Thanks Dean, the Gozio is a great looking product
WB ...................
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Wild Bill

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