Calcomp 5500 techjet plotter

Hi All,
We have an old Calcomp 5500 plotter that plots very well. We have used it in
the past for plotting from autocad 14 which I believe has its own driver. We
recently bought a couple seats of SW and so far can only use the plotter by
outputting a .DWG file and then plotting it thru Autocad. Does anyone know
of a driver for Windows 2000 that would make possible plots directly from
SW? This is my first contact with this newsgroup and I appreciate any help
anyone can come up with.
Excel Gear. Inc. (Rosco, Illinois)
Bill Blasdel
Rockford, Illinois
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Will the 5500 accept HPGL2 ?
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Mark M
I'm guessing you don't have a Windows driver for it - go to
formatting link
and see if it will work. I don't know anything at all about this plotter, but this is my guess. SW should be able to plot to any Windows printer/plotter.
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Wayne Tiffany
We have a Techjet 5500 (E size) and plot to Solidworks using the driver from Winline and also the Calcomp drivers themselves. We have to use the Winline driver for D size sheets using the 36"wide roll and the Calcomp driver for E size. For some strange reason, the Calcomp driver won't rotate the plot for plotting a D size drawing in portrait mode and the Winline driver wont rotate the E size drawing to plot in landscape mode. I just downloaded the new Winline demo driver and it would plot the E size correct. The strange thing about this mess is that all of the other cad programs will rotate the D size plots to portrait on the 36" wide roll.
You can download the Calcomp drivers from here
formatting link
You will need to have the postscipt.dll file from your Windows 2000 CD when you install it. Good luck
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Thanks guys for the help. We have to move some equipment around before hooking up the 5500 but it looks like, with your help, I've got the drivers I need. Hopefully, everything will go smooth and I won't have to pester you any more about this.
Thanks again,
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