Urgent problem printing from autocad 13 to HP 1410 all in one

I will appreciate any help received on this subject.
We have recently purchased an HP printer - HP PSC 1410 all in one. The
printer, installed on a Windows XP SP2 computer, prints fine from every
program, except from AUTOCAD 13, where the print job stalls at about 20
or 30%, and we receive a "there was a problem with the printer..."
We have mailed autodesk and received no answer, and in HP they tell us
is an Autocad problem.
I really need to urgently determine how to deal with this issue,
whether it is the plotter configuration, or need for a special driver,
Thanks again to anyone who may help.
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I think your problem - AutoCAD R13, after all it is DOS application, I think you need open and save your drawings in atleast R14, better yet in R2005/2006. You probably will not have any problems even if you use AotoCAD LT, which is much cheaper than full versions.
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