Can anbody tell me why my HP Designjet Plotter is coming up with the message
'Out of Disk space in Drive C: data was lost. Please free up some disk
speace and try again'.
There is 29.0Gb of free space on the disk. This appeared for the first time
this morning. I have reloaded the HP software without effect.
I urgently need to print for a presentation tomorrow and would appreciate it
if somebody could urgently help.
Thanks in advance
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Ian Robinson
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could be a windows thing, try reboot.
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Brian Spillane
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Norbert Grund
That sounds like the sort of message you'd get if the HP software didn't know how to deal with the number returned for free disk space. I.e., it could be that the HP software you loaded and reloaded is obsolete. Look for an update.
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Mike Halloran
go to desktop, HP printer, Printer properties, advance settings, process document....tick on "in printer" It did trick for me....
Cheers Jerry
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