Urgent Question solving with Autocad

a am a newbie to Autocad and I have an unsolved problem.
I need to make a wireframe model of the human arm.
I have some 20 CT-pictures showing the arm in slice every 5 cm. I was import
the pictures and to draw the profiles of bones muscles and skin.
How to combine all these drawings to one file in which I see the contures of
all these inthe correct location?
I could not copy and paste the singel contures in one. It didn`t work, I
tried THICKNESS, but I didn't worked on copied objects, only on live drawn
thanks and regards,
pls reply to snipped-for-privacy@femu.de
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Thorsten Sinning
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Is there any flexibility on the software you must use for this job? AutoCAD wasn't designed to do this kind of thing. If you must use it you could manage something, if your standards for the finished product are flexible, but its a bit like using a screwdriver as a hammer...
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Michael Bulatovich
Why not download Sketchup and use it for free? Limited to 200~230 minutes. You can get your wireframe from it very easily.
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Dan Deckert
First thing, uninstall Autocad. Second, install something like Rhino that can do this well.
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