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Hey everybody,
i have drafted an 3D Volumebody (Steelpipe-Application) and need to unfold
this Part.
Is there any Solution to do that with AutoCAD (without using other
Thanks in advance
Elmar Baumann
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Elmar Baumann
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Sorry Elmar. There are no core AutoCAD commands that unfold steel pipe or even sheet metal. This kind of thing MUST be done with 3rd party software, or you have to calculate the bend allowances yourself and come up with generated dimensions based on the bend allowances taking into account the gage or wall thickness of the material, the kind of material, and the radius of the bend.
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Bill DeShawn
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Thank you for that Information Bill, but i'm very surprised that AutoCAD doesn't support it.
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Elmar Baumann
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acad, is mostly a 2D drafting tool, with limited 3D features. You need some 3D-MCAD app, like Inventor for the task.
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