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Real Architect 2008
Real Architect 2008 is a complete 2D architectural drafting program that
works with AutoCAD LT as well as full AutoCAD. The retail price is $89.00,
with upgrades from previous versions costing $49.00. Real Architect 2008 is
easy to learn and powerful enough to create residential as well as smaller
commercial projects.
Real Architect 2008 may be inexpensive, but don't let the price mislead you.
It is a full featured architectural add-on product that packs a punch. The
menu system is logical and will make easy sense to anyone who has a little
familiarity with AutoCAD or AutoCAD LT and architectural drafting."
Features include: parametric walls, windows, doors, roofs and stairs. Unique
elevation and section modules allow you to draw elevations and sections in a
fraction of the time it takes to draw them manually. The program includes
large symbol libraries of appliances, fixtures, electrical and site details,
as well as ADA, foundation and wall/roof framing details.
New features include a complete landscape design module for your landscaping
plans with automated irrigation design features and large libraries of
plants and other landscape features. The irrigation tools include both
single and double line piping and hardware that can also be used for
plumbing layout. Also new is our HVAC design module with all the details you
need to create your HVAC plans. These new features are standardized and have
been added all our menus, so no matter what version of AutoCAD LT you are
using, the menu will be identical to each other.
Because Real Architect 2008 is standardized between AutoCAD and LT, you the
ability to standardize the architectural software your office uses,
regardless of the AutoCAD release number or whether it's AutoCAD LT or full
AutoCAD. (Versions covered: For LT2000 through LT2008. For full AutoCAD v14
through 2008).
For more information check out our website at:
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Software can be purchased from our web-store. Orders placed during the next
2 weeks will be shipped out May 28 through May 29th. Sorry for the delay but
our entire company is taking a surfing/break in Fiji for two weeks and will
be back on May 27th.
Best regards,
James Padgett
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