Problem with Find Command in Acad 2009

Hi all
Anyone else experienced this issue?
We create Flow Diagrams with lots of valve symbols.
These symbols have attributes both hidden and visible attached.
I have found that using the Find command to locate these symbols is causing
the following issues:
The "extents" of the drawing appear to be corrupted (when I zoom extents the
drawing appears half on and half off the screen).
The label that is "found" by the Find command appears in space somewhere
unconnected with the actual valve/symbol location.
After this glitch, the ability to edit attributes within the drawing is lost
(ie the ddatte command does not recognise the blocked symbols).
All these issues appear to be resolved temporarily by closing and re-opening
Anyone else had similar?
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Please try to switch to WORLD UCS. That helps in AC2000.
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Are you sure? Will that not break my system?
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"Szoszon357" wrote
Thanks Szoszon, but the drawings concerned are flow diagrams rather than construction drawings. They are always created and edited with the UCS set to World
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