problem with the revsurf command. PLEASE HELP!

hi all!
I've a little problem with the REVSURF command in AutoCAD 14.
I have a circle and a line. I want to rotate the circle around the
line to create a sort of a torus. Should be about 45 degrees, so it
doesn't create a complete torus like the AutoCAD "Torus" command.
Now the direction of the created surface depends on where I click on
the rotation axis (the line). When I draw this revolved surface
manually, there are no problems, because I can choose where I click on
the rotation axis.
But if I want to draw it through the ADSRX application development
system, I can't choose where to pick the axis. My code looks as this:
//draw the circle
ads_command(RTSTR, "_circle",
RT3DPOINT, CenterPoint,
ads_name circle;
ads_entlast(circle); //saves a reference to the circle
//draw the rotation axis
ads_command(RTSTR, "_line",
RT3DPOINT, StartPoint,
RT3DPOINT, EndPoint,
ads_name line;
ads_entlast(line); //saves a reference to the axis line
//create revolved surface
ads_command(RTSTR, "_revsurf",
RTLB, RTENAME, circle, RTLE, //passes the circle
RTLB, RTENAME, line, RTLE, //passes the rotation axis
RTREAL, 0.0, //start angle = 0 °
RTREAL, 45, RTNONE); //included angle = 45 °
Now how can I control in which direction the circle is rotated?
Thank you very much for your appreciated help!
Jonas Sourlier
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Jonas Sourlier
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got it!!
instead of
i have now
so I can choose which side of the axis is "clicked"...
anyway, thanx for everybodys help
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Jonas Sourlier

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