Problem with Miller Spoolmatic 30A

Recently I noticed what appears to be a problem with my Spoolmatic 30A. When
the trigger is initially pressed the wire leaves the gun at a low rate of
speed. After 3 or 4 seconds the motor seems to speed up to the correct rpm's
for the feed speed set on the dial. Does this seem like normal operation for
the gun or is something wrong with it? I've tried checking the roller
tension, looked for loose connections, checked for wire binding etc. Any
help would be appreciated.
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Robert Krecak
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"Robert Krecak" wrote in message
What welder is it connected to? It sounds like Run-in. I don't have an adjustment for it on mine but I've read about it and if I understand it correctly it runs the wire at a slower speed until the arc is established. Then it brings the speed up to normal.
I looked up the owner's manual for a Millermatic 251 and it shows that it is separately adjustable for the MIG gun vs. the spool gun and is set at a percentage of selected speed. It also says that if you hold the trigger for more than 3 seconds and it doesn't detect an arc it will turn off the weld current and run the wire at the selected speed. This is called JOG Mode. Sounds like that's what you're seeing.
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