HELP Lincoln SP-170 MIG problem

I have a Lincoln SP-170 MIG and recently I started having trouble with it.
It does not seem to weld as it used to. It does not seem steady, it almost
feels as though the wire speed is too fast and the wire wants to bounce and
push the gun but when you turn down the speed it start dropping blobs. It
used to weld excellent. Is there any electronic thing inside that may have
malfunctioned and would cause these symptoms. I checked all connections,
even inside the machine, the ground is good, gas is good, work is clean and
wire is new and clean. Drive wheel, tension , liner, tips etc good. I am
using 100% CO2, 0.023" steel wire. Thanks for any help.
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No.1, Check the liner in the whip as it can get crap inside and cause just that sort of a problem. Once cleaned or changed and it still does that then you must take it into a repair shop as the sort of generater inside that causes all the power may also be screwed on one of the parts. That is what happened to one of mine and I got it changed (repaired) and now that one works great. The other gun had a dirty whip and slowed down the wire going through it and did the same as your's. All I did to clean it was take the liner out of the whip and put it into a jug of WD40 and then blew air through it and it now works perfect as well. THOMAS' Wrought Iron Works.
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