Lincoln Pro Mig 135 or Sp 135T Is It Worth The Difference In Price??????????

Ok I am going to bite the bullet and buy a Mig. I already have a AC / DC 225 and Ocy setup but need to get something to do the light stuff that seems to make up most everything today such as body panels ect.... I don't need heavy duty as the stick is weapon of choice anyways and I want some degree of portability so 110 V will do as will

20% duty cycle. I would prefer 135 over 125 just for the extra umph in case needed and have seen some recent deals with the Lincoln models which are usually available at discount. I can get the SP 135T for $380 and free ship and the 135 Pro Mig is $488, ( What is the difference in the price and is it worth it for someone who uses the thing once a month for the rest of his life ect. I am awarre of the plastic parts on the lincolns and also that they seem to work as well as the cast furnished on the millers. Any other advice on similar units would be most appreciated. Thanx
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free ship and the 135 Pro Mig is $488,

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Keith Marshall

The SP-135T and the Pro Mig 135 are the same machine but the accessories that are included may be different. The latter is intended for sale at home centers like Lowes and the former is intended for sale at welding suppliers. $380 for a SP-135T is a very good price. Lowes has the Pro Mig 135 for $430.

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Buy the Hobart 135 handler (Made by Miller...even has a Miller gun)

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James Arnold

I just bought the Lincoln 135T (last week). It ran me $425. For an additional $100 I could have bought the 135 Plus, but the only differences are the variable output knob vs taps (hence the T). All the shop people I had "interviewed" said that there is no significant performance difference worth the $100.

The 135T is working great so far. My experiments and learning "how to" are progressing well. One thing to be aware of though. The 135T comes ready to weld WITH THE PREVIOUS OWNERSHIP OF A BOTTLE. If you want to weld gasless, as I did, you need to buy the correct, self shielding wire, the right size tip and nozzle. Or simply buy the kit (which I recommend) because it comes with a 10 lb. roll of the .035 innershield (self shielding) wire, a bunch of the right size tips, and the nozzle. If you went and tried to buy it all separately it would probably cost you the same. One last thing. Lincoln recommends using the .035 size for shielding and no larger. You can get it smaller .025 if you desire, but I am just learning and do not know any different, yet.

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the 135 T and the 135 pro mig is the same, according to the local welding shop, they can't sell SP135 T, because home depo, and LOWEs has the "wholesale ,large volume " price adventage

which ever you buy make sure it has the built in gas solonoid in the back , should be a small 3/4 " brass fitting

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