Architectural and survey programs for AutoCAD LT

Real Architect 2006 Press Release
Real Architect is now available for AutoCAD LT2000 through LT2006. Real
Architect is a complete 2D architectural drafting program that that adds-on
to standard AutoCAD LT menu. It retails for $199.00. Upgrades from previous
versions are $79.00. Real Architect is easy to learn, yet powerful enough to
produce full sets of working residential or light commercial plans faster
than you thought possible with AutoCAD LT. It will definitely cut down on
your drafting time. Real Architect uses standard AutoCAD LT, lines,
polylines and text when creating drawings, thus drawing interchange with
sub-contractors is hassle free.
The program creates parametric walls, windows, doors, roofs and stairs. The
unique elevation module allows you to draw elevations in a fraction of the
time it takes manually. This is also true for sections. Also included is a
complete kitchen and bath cabinetry module for creating your interior
elevations. Large libraries of appliances, fixtures, electrical and site
symbols, as well as foundation and wall/roof details are also included.
Layer controls, similar to AutoCAD Express Tools are included as well as a
Site Plan layout module that draws boundary lines and labels them
automatically. There are many other drawing utilities as well. This program
is made to draw professional building plans with AutoCAD LT in a fraction of
the time it takes to draw the same set of plans with just plain AutoCAD LT.
We also have a program for AutoCAD LT named Map Tools LT. This handy package
is great for drawing property boundary lines and labeling them. It contains
the basic tools that make it easy to draw site plans, plot plans for real
estate transactions or even laying out multiple lot lines for subdivision
layout. It's not a full cogo program, but is fast and easy for the drafter
who just needs to layout a lot boundary in the correct aspect to show
customers where structures can be placed.
For more information or ordering, check out our website at:
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or call us directly at (808) 572-8637. Email to
We apologize if this message offends in any way. Hopefully, some newsgroup
readers will find the information useful.
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