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Hi all..thanks for reading.
How to you copy custom toolbars from one computer to another?
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The following info is for ADT. I am sure it will apply to Autocad with min. file name difference.
From the "C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Autodesk\ADT 2006\enu\Support\" folder copy: *.cui *.dll *.mnl
If you have customized tool palettes copy the following folders:
C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Autodesk\ADT 2006\enu\Support\ToolPalette\ C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Autodesk\ADT 2006\enu\Support\WorkspaceCatalog (Imperial)\ C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Autodesk\ADT 2006\enu\Support\WorkspaceCatalog (Metric)\
On the existing computer, go into Options. On the Profiles tab, export the one you are currently using to a .arg file, and import that .arg to the new computer.
Depending on the level of custom information you have in the application there are various folders in "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Autodesk\ADT 2006\enu\" that would be helpful, like plotter setups. We would suggest placing the whole folder and everything underneath it on to a CD and transfer it to the new computer.
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S. Scalise
Excellent info!!!
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Boll Weevil
Thank you! I was concerned to about sharing tool palettes!
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