Hi, I have made a tool bar that I would like to share with others in my
What file do I need to give them to share this?
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ok, figured out how to get them on another computer. now, how do I get them to display correctly? The toolbars on my computer have custom symbols. On the new computer, they are simply smiley faces... Any help?
Thanks, jojo
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Is this AutoCAD? What version?
Did you create your own bitmap symbol or did you use an icon from another toolbar button?
If you created your own bitmap, you need to copy that .BMP file to the other computer also. Put them in a path that is included in AutoCAD's support file search path.
If you used an icon from another toolbar button, maybe that toolbar doesn't exist on the other machine. Maybe the menu from which it's referenced doesn't exist or isn't loaded, etc.
Are you on a network or standalone machines?
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R.K. McSwain

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