Architecture program for AutoCAD LT

Real Architect 2008 Press Release
Real Architect 2008 is a complete 2D architectural drafting program that
that works with AutoCAD LT as well as full AutoCAD. The retail price is
$89.00, with upgrades from previous versions costing $49.00. Real Architect
2008 is easy to learn and powerful enough to produce complete sets of
building plans for both residential and light commercial projects.
Features include: parametric walls, windows, doors, roofs and stairs.
Instead of inserting blocks, you type in the information like thickness,
height and width and the program draws the element automatically. Real
Architect contains many styles of both plan and elevation windows and doors.
The unique elevation and section modules allow you to draw elevations and
sections in a fraction of the time it takes to draw them manually. The
program includes large symbol libraries of appliances, fixtures, electrical
and site details, as well as ADA, foundation and wall/roof framing details.
Real Architect 2008 includes a complete kitchen and bath cabinetry module
for drawing kitchen and bath plans and elevations. Layer controls, color
controls and many other utilities similar to AutoCAD Express Tools are
included as well. Some of the new features in Real Architect 2008 are a
Landscape/Irrigation module for drawing complete landscaping plans. Also
included in the new release is an HVAC module for all of your heating and
air conditioning needs. All of this is wrapped up in a logical, easy to
understand and use menu interface.
Real Architect 2008 includes the program CD, as well as a printed "Jump
Start Guide" tutorial, Toolbar guide, Installation guide and online manual.
For more information or ordering, check out our website at:
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or call directly at (808) 572-8637. Comments,
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