Frustrating AutoCAD (LT) macros

I sure wish AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT worked the same.
I have a complex macro I use in LT which uses an attribute to label a line
(i.e. labeling a pipe "HWS"). It breaks the line (per size of the label),
sets the proper layers and rotation angle (along line horizontally or
right-read), and so forth.
Here is the macro (watch for wrap, LOL!)...
ID_LabelLine [La&bel Line]*^C^C_setenv Label \_ucs _ob _nea,_mid \_ai_molc
_non @ _break _non
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Mark Gonzales
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Oops. That should have been: (setenv "Label" (getstring "Label Value: ")). But it still won't work.
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Mark Gonzales

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