Autocad Lt 2008 customizable?

Is there a way to create an automated door or window command routine with Autocad lt 2008 that will automatically break walls on insert? I simply can't afford these expensive add-ons. Thanks in advance. K

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One of the reasons LT is considerably cheaper than full AutoCAD is the lack of LISP support and limited customization. Probably the only way you will achive what you want is purchase a third party add-on that has been written to work with LT. If you cannot afford those you may have pay someone to write you a custom routine that does what you need, but that is where the lack of support for LISP and other customization will make that route difficult. If you want to make money with software sometimes you have to spend some money and try to make that investment back over time, that's business.

Daryl Stockton

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