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Hello all.

Am looking for an application to draw street plans in 2D.

I need to be able to

1 - Import bitmap images 2 - Trace over these images 3 - Draw center lines for the roads, and then automatically create a double offset (like walls). This must be able to work with multiple lines and automatically trim, so as to create a T junction or cross roads effect 4 - Work with spline curves 5 - Automatically hatch these closed roads in one block colour 6 - Add text and print 7 - Save the drawing as a PDF and/or JPG,BMP etc

Am I right in thinking AutoCAD can do this? Can AutoCAD LT do the same? This would be more ideal due to cost.

Or maybe you know of a cheaper and better solution.

Many thanks


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I think you will be able to do pretty much everything you need to do with AutoCAD LT, although how 'Automatic' it will be is another thing, there will be user input required to to the trimming and aligning center lines etc.

The only thing on your list that neither full AutoCAD or LT support out of the box is the ability to save drawings as PDF's or Jpg's.

We use a tool here called BlueBeam

formatting link
which is a third party bolt on for AutoCAD which allows you to output your drawings as pretty much anything you like!!.

If it's specifically roads and street layouts that you're after then there may be something more specialised out there, but it would probably be more expensive.

Hope that was helpful :o)


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Thanks for that. Its really only to make basic town plans for tourist information, so basic tools outlined should do.

Would I be right in saying that BlueBeam only works with AutoCAD and not AutoCAD LT?



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