Autocad 14 dwg to bitmap

I have loaded up Autocad 14 under W-98 and I am doing
some 2D drawings. Basically what I want to do is
somehow be able to export these 2D drawings as bitmaps
so I can work with them in the GIMP or other
programs such as Inkscape under Linux. I tried
export bitmap, but under Windows 98, I don't see
anything in the MS paint program when it alledgedly
opens that file.
What should I be looking at to do something
like this? I suspect that such programs don't
see my lines as anything they understand.
Are there any freeware little converters
that can convert such drawings such as
abstract CAD lines become pixels in a bitmap sort
How is this sort of thing usually handled
under Autocad, in a general sort of way?
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"wbarwell" schreef in bericht news:
CTRL-C Copy CTRL-V Paste
Jou must change the display-colors in white-black (display-optins-colors)
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Can those programs use PDF formats?
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Michael Bulatovich
AutoCAD command:
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Patrick Hughes
To save an AutoCAD drawing to a paint package you really only have two options - firstly zoom in and do a regen (to get all the circles/curves rendered properly) then zoom out using the mouse and copy the model and paste it into the art package. The only other way is to export the drawing as a PNG file using Save To Web but Im not sure that R14 has this command. So copy and past may be your only option for R14. By the way one of the best packages for painting autoCAD drawings Ive ever come across was Corel Xara becuase it is easy to paste a drawing in, it retains all the line thicknesses, and the program is vector based which makes repeating blocks of colour really easy. The drawing itself is a separate layer in Xara so you can place the paint and sky backgrounds etc behing the AutoCAD drawing to retain the line inkwork as well.
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I ended up making blocks out of several several things. I could then paste an object to a paint program. Unfortunately I still have a ways to go understanding all of this. I may try using Inkscape since it seems to have some good capabilities in this regard as a paint program.
My big problem now is cut and paste seems to insist on taking more than just the block object. It wants to take the backround too. More experimentation. But the GIMP seems to offer at least a way to easily trim away all but the object I am interested in. Not sure about Inkscape yet.
Handling objects means I am now into trying to dope out Xrefs. AC-14 does not seem to have an easy way to export objects to a file I have found yet.
This would seem to be an easy thing to do, but it turns out to have more twists and turns than a box full of Cheerios.
SAVEIMG and other ideas people here have pointed me at also have their complications and twists and turns.
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No. Most are bitmap of some sort, .bmp. jpeg, gif. A few paint programs are doing scalable SVG images but I don't know it they would accept AutoCad files.
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In Xara you paste the copied AutoCAD drawing and the background comes in as a separate block that you can just delete to leave coloured ink lines as a block on a transparent background. You then select the lines block and change them all to black which gives you a perfect black line drawing on white paper. Perhaps see if you can pick up Xara 2 somewhere as the latest version I think is Xara X. Im sure Xara2 would be very cheap if you can find it. Otherwise Coreldraw is possibly the same it certianly says in the description that Coreldraw can import native AutoCAD drawings. Nats
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I stumbled across a tutorial that explains it. Set up a virtual EPS (encapsulated post script) printer and print to a file via that.
formatting link
Copy to clip board, open a new drawing, past blocks, print drawing to virtual printer. Now its a raster drawing with just the objects you want. Photoshop, GIMP and others should handle EPS files.
Now I am battling saving blocks to a file.
Autocad 14 help file: "A block definition can be saved either with the current drawing or as a seperate drawing file. If you want to insert the block into other drawings, you need to save it as a seperate file."
That's it. My, that is useful. Heh! I love help files like that.
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