Re: Wanted Autocad 14 or higher

RE: Intellicad.
How good is it at taking AutoCAD drawings, reading them, modifying them,
sending them back to the originator??????
Autodesk liscenses are not transferable. I won't go into all the
> Autobullshit behind that but would suggest you buy a copy of Intellicad and
> don't worry about it (and save a lot of money by doing so).
> > Does anyone have Autocad 14 or higher they wish to sell, with licence. > >
> >
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Vernon O. J.
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Quite good, as that is what it was designed for. It's native file type is DWG so it doesn't have the conversion errors of most software. It doesn't do 2004 format though but I hear they're working on it.
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