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I am using AutoCAD 2000. Is there a variable which would allow me to insert multiple copies of a block. For instance, if I insert a block of a 2'8" door, I'd like to add them all as I go through the plan. I always have to insert one and then do a multiple copy command to put in the rest. That doesn't allow me to rotate them properly as I could if I were doing an insert. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.


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One way is to right click after the first insertion and thus repeat it, with all the options of position, rotation and scaling available.

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Brian Salt

By typing MULTIPLE first, you can then have AutoCAD continuously ask for the same command until lunch. If your 32" door is a specific block that should work for you. Because MULTIPLE repeats only the command name, any parameters must be specified each time. MULTIPLE does not repeat commands that display dialog boxes.

If that doesn't work, maybe you should find yourself a COPYROT.LSP and use that.

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Michael Bulatovich

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