copy drawings from multiple layers into one

I have a drawing. some lines belongs to different layers.
now I want to copy this entire drawing and paste it into another file.
the problem is that I want all the elemmnts to be in one layers and not
having multiple layers created whith the pasting operation
thanks Mike
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Simply paste all as is and then change all to the required layer.
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Michael Bulatovich
While you can write a LISP routine for this. Basically I'd do the following:
1) Copy you selection to Clipboard (with or without an Insert Point). 2) Paste into you 2nd drawing as an UNexploded Block. 3) Explode LAST (being the block you just inserted) 4) Change Previous (being the exploded entities - this way you don't have to manually select them)... while still in the Change command, select Properties --> LAyers --> enter your Layer that you want them all to be on.
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Mr. B
or wblock it first, change all to same layer in wblocked drawing, then insert or xref this drawing into new drawing. Seems harder but results are easier to verify since you never have to explode, so if you need to change original it will not require removing bits and pieces of old exploded block
Michael Bulatovich wrote: > Simply paste all as is and then change all to the required layer.
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Jerry G

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