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To anyone who is still using ACAD 2000, lately, we have been having problems with HUGE amounts of phantom data creeping into our drawings. IT seems to have something to do with using the 'copy-clip' command.

A drawing that was previously 200 kb is suddenly 5 MB and if we try and copy and paste ANY piece of that drawing, suddenly the drawing we paste it (even just one line of text or a single circle) into is suddenly 5MB larger. Has anyone else had anything like this as a problem?

We think in some cases it may be from converting 2004 drawings to

2000 drawings, but in certain other cases, it suddenly happens in a drawing that we have started from scratch in ACAD 2000.

any help would be very appreciated Paul

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Paul Stone
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Paul, when I ran into this problem some time ago I found the issue to be a tremendous number of layer filters that had been created in the original dwg. Any copy and paste operation will bring all those layer filters into the receiving dwg. My suggestion is to check the layer filters and if my hunch is correct, you have only to download and run the lisp named "layer_filters_delete" or I will mail it to you. Many Cad operators run this routine on any drawing they receive to avoid the bloating problem. Hope this helps. Tim

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