Revision tables, multiple sheet drawings

I have a drawing file with multiple sheets. I want to have a revision
table on each sheet. If I add a revision table to the first sheet in
the file, it comes in expected. However, if I add a
revision table to ANY other sheet in the drawing, it comes in with
references to the first sheet... the description fields show "see
Any idea why this works this way? Can it be changed or turned off?
Revisions need to reference the page that they're on, not another
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks...
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Brian Mears
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Brian, It gets even worse. Try adding a revision symbol to the second sheet. The only way I found to do this is to cut and paste between sheets. (They do retain associativity though). I really hope I'm missing something here. I can understand the logic behind the "see sheet 1" for revisions - many standards do not allow for seperate revison levels for each sheet (I know, I know, I know...some do).
I haven't found a way to correct this oversight - I recommend a call to your VAR and/or an enhancement request at the SolidWorks web page.
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Richard Doyle
BeginClip- table on each sheet. If I add a revision table to the first sheet in
Brian & Richard, Using SW2004 SP0, I have created a 3 sheet drawings with different revision tables on each sheet. I only did this as a test because we only carry the actual rev history on sheet one. When you place a revision table on the second and subsequent sheets, the default is "See Sheet 1" in the description area and "-" (dashes) in all other columns. This current workings or aspects follow the guidelines specified in ASME Y14.35M-1997, Revision of Engineering Drawings and Associated Documents. To deviate from this, you must manually change the "-" to a revision letter and then the symbols will all update. Good luck, Eddie
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Eddie Cyganik
Eddie, This is what I found as well. I also adhere to the standards you mention, although many (many) companies put the revision block on multiple sheets and will carry the same revision throughout. It can be done (manually), but I think the option ought to be there. The other problem is that you have to cut and paste the revision symbols between sheets - there isn't an option to switch sheets when adding the symbols even if following the "first sheet" standard. This HAS to get fixed (IMHO). Both of these items are on my "top ten" list - see ya at the show.
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Richard Doyle

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