Updating inactive sheet views error?

Views on inactive sheets need updating. If they are not updated, these views
will appear empty when the drawing is opened in the SolidWorks Viewer or in
View Only mode. Note that the update operation might increase the time
required to save the drawing.
Update the drawing?
This is the dialog box that comes up once in a while in a drawing. Not a
problem, except that I don't have any sheets other than Sheet1. Any ideas
why this continues to come up? At first I thought that maybe the drawing
used to have more sheets and they were deleted, but the system remembered
them. But I also get it on drawings that I have created new and I know that
I never had another sheet. However, I can't reproduce it at will. Any
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Wayne Tiffany
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I also get this randomly. I've noticed that once it decides to appear on a drawing it always will every time.
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John Kreutzberger

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