Creating DWF Views

Acad 2005 + DWF Viewer 7.2
I 'thought' that if you had a Drawing file with User created Views in it, and
you then created a DWF file (I'm using the Optimized for Plotting PC3), that
your VIEWS would show up in the DWF file!!!
Because I don't have any Views listed in the DWF viewer application... nothing
for that matter in any of the Navigator Panes.
Or am I missing something here...
Thanks in Advance...
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Mr. B
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If its a 3D view you want you need to type at the command point 3ddwfpublish
Then when you open the file in DWF VIEWER you can manipulate the file the same what as you would in a ACAD drawing environment.
There is are also several dedicated DWF news group at
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